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Writing the Fic

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Other sources

Kat's Meow

When I first posted this section, it was clear I'd hit a nerve.

The number of comments was overwhelming, and a lot of folks also sent me their list fanfiction 'pet peeves.' I have added these where appropriate. BTW: I don't always agree those comments but they are YOUR 'peeves' so I'm gonna post them.

To those who send in emails which, basically, said "who do you think you are to tell us how to write?" I am a fanfiction reader. I know what frustrates me. I don't claim to be 'all that,' I am just passing along info.

Once again, my thanks to Dani and Whitney for helping me put these together!

Finally, please note that I write BSB fanfic, so most of my comments refer to them. Just plop in your frame of reference, okay?