I get offers
I get calls
I get come-ons
But I just won't fall
Cause you're still the one that I want

She was standing over the sink when he walked in the kitchen. Scrubbing away at the dishes, her hands in the water, arms all soapy. Dancing a little as she hummed to some song he couldn't quite recognize.

He glanced around for a radio, before realizing that the music was coming from outside. Mrs. Miller next door must be out gardening again. She always brought her tinny little radio out with her when she did that.

She looked up, flashing him a smile when she saw him in the doorway. He couldn't help but grin back. Wandering forward he headed for the fridge, opening it and pulling out a bottle of water. It opened with a little hiss and he took a sip.

He could hear the words she was singing now. Mrs Miller must be listening to that mouldy oldies station she loved so much because he couldn't remember that last time he'd heard the Beatles playing. "Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm 64…"

He chuckled, gave her a wink and a pat on the butt as he walked by. "Sure thing, sweetheart."

I get letters
And I get cards
Sometimes they treat me
Like a big rock star
But you're still the one that I want
Yeah, you're still the one that I want

The three women smiled at the waiter as he put their martinis down on the table and then backed away. They each took a glass, a sip, and then leaned back in their chairs.

One looked out across the lawn at a vigorous, middle-aged man jogging along the path towards the tennis courts and gave a small gasp. "Isn't that…?"

The others looked over.

"Yeah," said the one in the middle. "He's a member here. Didn't you know?"

"I've been away, darling. He must be new."

"Somewhat. Moved here from LA a few months back."

"Who is he again? He looks familiar," the one of the left asked. She'd pulled her sunglasses down her nose and was squinting at the rapidly departing figure. Wrinkles! The thought crossed her mind and she quickly pushed the glasses back into place.

"One of those Boys. You know, the singers. All the rage a while back."

"Ah yes, I remember. He was the 'always single' one. Gay or commitment-phobic or something wasn't he?" the middle woman said with a droll expression.

"No, that was the other one. From that other group. Timberwood or whatever his name was."

"No, no, no. Timberwood was the one who was picked up in that kiddie porn scandal and then hung himself. Some sort of auto-eroticism thing."

"I thought that was the Australian fellow."

"Oh, he did it too, but that other guy did it just before he was supposed to go to trial. Big scandal. What was his name again? It wasn't Timberwood. Something like that, though. I just can't recall…" Her musing tone was cut off as she took a sip of her martini. "So, he's single?"

"Not any more," The woman on the right replied. "Bunny introduced us. His wife is a charmer. A little on the chubby side, but he's mad about her."

"Wait a minute… he's married? When did that happen?" The middle woman was now sitting up with a shocked look on her face.

"Remember? They took that break for a while and then came back with a couple more albums. Bigger than ever. He got married just before they won the Grammys. After the second new album."

"But that was ages ago! Surely he's not married to the same woman."

"Seems so."

"She's had work done then," the middle woman said snidely.

Left woman shook her head. "Not that I could see. Doesn't even dye her hair from what I can tell. She's going a bit grey."

"And they're still together?" was the incredulous gasp.

Woman on the right looked down the path, seeing the man walking towards them, his arm around a round-ish woman in tennis whites. The two were talking, heads close together. You could see their smiles even this far away. She nodded her head towards them. "Appears so."

The other two women watched as the happy couple drew near.

The one on the left raised an eyebrow with a wry smirk. "Men can do that? Stay married to the same woman?"

The other two women giggled snidely. "I guess it is possible."

"I don't believe it. Not for a moment." The middle woman drew herself up, giving her expertly coiffed, newly-blonde hair a quick pat and checking her lipstick in her gold compact. Then she leaned back languorously in her chaise. She let out a husky, "hello there," when the couple approached their table.

The man looked up, flashing his famous smile. "Ladies," he said with a slight nod, turned back to his wife, whispering something to her that made her laugh. He gave her a quick hug as the two continued walking. They hadn't even broken their stride.

The three women watched at the couple continued to the clubhouse, he opening the door for her. He hadn't even glanced back; his whole attention fixed on the woman beside him.

"I don't believe it!" The middle woman gasped angrily. "What is his problem? What on earth does he see in that pudgy woman?"

"He didn't see you, that's for sure," the woman on the left mocked, thrilled that her friend had been snubbed.

"It makes no sense. What on earth does she have that I don't?"

Right woman smiled wistfully at the now closed clubhouse doors. Despite all the lemons her life had presented her with it made her feel good to know that somewhere out there love really did exist. "Him."

Don't let 'em break us apart
Don't let 'em tear us apart
'Cause that would break my heart

"You're going to believe what that tabloid says?" he gasped incredulously. "I though you knew me better than that."

"It's just...."

"Just what? It's bull! Why would I do such a thing?"

"She's so pretty. So young. I'm just... I'm just me," she sighed tremulously.

He pulled her into his arms, marvelling again at how perfectly she fit. How perfectly she'd always fit. "She's young, yes. And vapid. I swear, I talked to her for two minutes at that premiere and I felt my brain cells dying." She giggled into his chest. "And she's pretty, I guess. But so plastic. And I used to work around Britney, for god's sake. I've seen plastic before, but this girl was just…" He shuddered dramatically.

"But…" she whispered.

"No buts. It's bullshit. Wouldn't touch her with a ten-foot pole. You are all I want. Don't ever think otherwise. I mean it."

She looked at him nervously. There were no illusions in his eyes. Just the truth, the love, shining there for her to see. As it always had been. And when he kissed her, it was very clear that that despite all the years together she was the only one he wanted.

"I mean it, sweetheart. You and me. That's all."

"Okay," she said, smiling at him. "You and me."

He returned her smile, hugging her to him again. "Hey, I know. Let's sue them. Make them take it back and give us a nice big settlement. We can use it to go to Tahiti. You always wanted to go there. Run naked on the beach…"

She laughed again. "We've been to Tahiti."

He looked crestfallen. "Oh." Then his face broke into a huge smile. "Can we run naked to the bedroom at least?"

"You're on."

Temptation is everywhere
Pretty faces
But I don't give a care
Cause you're still the one that I want
Yeah, you're still the one that I want

"Dearly beloved. We are gathered here in the sight of God, to join this couple in holy matrimony."

There was an elbow in his side and he glanced to the taller - but younger - man sitting next to him.

"So what does this make it? Three? Four?"

He grinned. "Three, technically. He got that second one annulled. Don't ask me how."

The other man chuckled. "Where does he find these chicks? They just keep getting younger and younger. This one's the same age as Baylee. I think the two went to kindergarten together or something."

"Maybe that's how he met her."

There was a guffaw, quickly cut off as heads turned their way.

"Do you have the rings?" the minister intoned.

Another elbow. "Rings? The guy bought a jewelry store to keep up with all the rings he has to get for all those wives and ex-wives."

A quiet chuckle. "Shut up, Nick. You're gonna get us in trouble."

"Nah, that's his job." He nodded to the couple at the altar. "Knocked her up, I heard."

He rolled his eyes. "And she has the nerve to wear white…"

His friend gave a muffled snort. "Good to know he can still get it up."

"What's the matter? You having trouble? I told you not to pull on it so much when you were younger. They have pills for that nowadays, you know."

An older woman in the pew in front of them turned and glared. "Shh!"

The man next to him crossed his eyes and stuck out his tongue at the back of her head. "Dumbass," he said good-naturely as he elbowed his friend again - a little more sharply this time.

"Does anyone here have any reason why these two should not be joined?" There was a pause and then the minister continued his recitation.

He leaned over. "I always expect someone to burst through the door and say 'halt' when they ask that, you know?"

"Dude, you were at my first wedding. Someone did!"

He chuckled. "Oh yeah. That's where I remember it from. How's your mom doing, by the way?"

The other man shook his head sadly. "Alzeheimer's. Hitting her hard. Can barely remember our faces now."

"Man, that sucks."

"Tell me about it. How's yours?"

"Okay. Settling to the nursing home and making lots of friends."

"How the wife?"

He smiled broadly. "She's fine."

Nick watched the way his eyes glowed and the slight blush that covered his face. "You are one lucky, lucky man."

Don't let 'em break us apart
Don't let 'em tear us apart
Don't let 'em break us apart
'Cause that would break my heart


The doctor put the paddles down on the woman's chest and the jolt of electricity caused her body to jerk up spastically. She fell back against the bed and the machine next to her stopped its monotone wailing; changing to a slow, bouncy tone.

"Got her back!" The doctor shoved the paddles into the hands of the waiting nurse and moved forward.

He let out a loud sob, releasing the breath that he had been holding. Tears continued to flow down his face as he watched the hospital staff scurry around her bed.

"Sir?" A nurse had appeared in front of him, her hand placed on his chest, stopping him from moving closer. "Sir? I'm sorry. You are going to have to leave. You can't be in here right now."

"She's going to be okay?"

The nurse gave him a quick professional smile. "She's going to be fine, sir. She's in the best of hands. Why don't you go wait in the next room? We'll take care of things from here."

He reached out, clasping her hand. "Please. Please take care of her. I don't know what I'd ever do without her."

She glanced over her shoulder at the monitors. The patient's heartbeat was almost normal and the doctor leaning over her had lost that tight, worried look in his face. She turned back to the older man in front of her and gave him a genuine smile. "She'll be okay. But you do have to leave for a little while now."

He swallowed, eyes still focused on his wife. "Only for a little while though."

So let 'em offer
Let them plea
Baby I've got everything I need
Cause you're still the one that I want
Yeah, you're still the one that I want
Cause you're still the one that I want

"And here comes the choo choo train… coming to the station…" he intoned as he brought the soup spoon closer to her mouth.

She frowned at him, glaring. "Cut that out. I'm not a child."

He flashed her a wink. "No way. You are one hot woman. No one would ever mistake you for a child."

She laughed. "Stop that, you dirty old man."

"Then eat up, you sexy old wife," he replied as he brought the spoon up again. "It's the last bite anyway."

She allowed him to feed her the stew. Then swallowed, sighed, and leaned back in her pillows. He gave her an absent kiss on the forehead and then took the tray back to the kitchen. "Time for you to rest now," he said when he returned.

She patted the bed next to her. "Come and keep me company."

He kicked off his slippers, and slid under the covers next to her, pulling her into his arms. "Don't you get frisky on me, you hear? You've got to get better," he warned.

"Ha!" she retorted. "Which one of us is the 'Latin Lover', hunh?"

"'Latin Lover,'" he sighed. "Haven't been called that in a long, long time." He kissed her cheek, giving her a little squeeze. "You kind of put a damper on my tomcattin' ways."

"I did indeed," she sighed, clinging to him. They lay together quietly, both lost in their memories. "Howie? What would have happened? If I'd have died in the hospital… what would have happened? To you?"

"Shh… don't even think about it."

"I mean it. Would you have gone and lived with Alex? Gotten married again? What?"

"Honestly? I would have curled up and died right next to you."

She slapped his chest lightly. "No foolin' around."

"I would have. Honestly. Would have keeled over right there and then. The idea of being without you…" he shuddered. "Couldn't do it."

She sighed. "Oh, Howie, you know I'd never want that for you. I want you to live. Go out, be happy. Carry on."

"Find someone new?" he asked. "Never happen. Only one woman for me. Now and always."


"Yep, that Halle Berry… she'll always be number one in my heart."

She chuckled at his teasing. "I love you, Howard Dorough. You're a goofball, but I love you."

He kissed her again. "And I love you too. You're the only one I want. Now and always. Now come on, let's get some rest. Snooze some before the kids come over."

"We are a couple of old farts, aren't we?"

"Speak for yourself. I'm the Latin Lover, remember?"

She chuckled as she started to slip over into sleep, safely wrapped in her husband's arms.

You're the one that I want
You're the one that I want

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